Foldable Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter for Kids, Buy Kids E Scooter

Foldable Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter for Kids, Buy Kids E Scooter

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This unique, sleek, carbon fiber scooter has been dubbed the ¡®lightest electric scooter' and its design is sure to draw eyes as people ask how on earth such an elegant device contains both a motor and a power source. Rest assured, though it does look small, it can definitely hold its own when it comes to range and speed. With three colour choices you're also able to choose in what style to show this head turner off.

The M2 is the 2rd?generation electric scooter that will revolutionize the way you think about personal transportation. If the beauty doesn't get you then the specs sure will: With a comfortable range of 25km and a top speed of 25kmph you're pretty much set to get out and about in your area without any hassle. The light, foldable, frame- only 6.5kg- means you're also able to take this scorcher onto public transport should you want to go further afield.

That's what makes this product so good, it gives you flexibility. You can take it out, ride around, fold it up, carry on your shoulder or stow away, and then unfold and use again with ease. No hassle and all without any compromise to the style or performance.


.250 WATT MOTOR?¨C with max speed of 15.5MPH, range of 15 Miles, and supports 250 lbs.?

.CARBON FIBER FOLDING FRAME?¨C Weighing in at 17lbs. the Swagger folds with one-touch for easy transportation and storage.

.BACKLIT LED DISPLAY?¨C allows you to view your speed, cycle through gears, set cruise control, and displays battery life.

.LED HEADLIGHT?¨C the adventure doesn't have to end at sunset, the extremely bright led headlight illuminates your path after dark.?


Material£ºCarbon fiber

Color £ºBlack,White,Green,Rose


Intput: 100V~240V / 50Hz/60Hz/2A

Output: 29.4V

charging time: 4H

Battery Brand: LG ?(10.4Ah)?

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Motor£ºPower: 50W-250W

Max Speed£º25km/h

Max Mileage£º?20-25km

Max Load£º?100kg

Maximum Incline£º?20¡ã~ degree

Turning Angle£º360¡ã~degree

Tire Size: 5 inch/5.5inch

Platform Height: 100mm

Folding Size: 1000*405*235mm

Open Size: 1000*405*920mm

Carton Size: 1030*200*300mm

Weight£º?N.W: 7KG ?? G.W: 8.5KG

Certification: CE. ROHS. FCC

Package And Accessories£º1* E-Scooter£¯1* Handle£¯1* User Manual£¯1* Charger£¯3* Allen keys

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