Classical 6.5 Inches Hoverboard for kids

Classical 6.5 Inches Hoverboard for kids

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6.5 Inch Hoverboard for kids?is the classical model in 2017

Hoverboard always endeavors to make it's hoverboards smarter and safer. User experience is of the utmost importance.

This new model ?2-wheel self balancing hoverboard comes with an app and is made with fireproof material.

A top quality motherboard and chassis is used to ensure quality and a perfect user experience.

.?Includes branded battery cell.

.Charging management system protects from overcharging and overheating.?

.Includes UL charger.

Hoverboard manufacturer-Smart Hoverboards


6.5 Inch Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker for Kids

?6.5 Inch Classic Hoverboard

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