8 Inch Lambo Performance Hoverboard in Canada Online Sale

8 Inch Lambo Performance Hoverboard in Canada Online Sale

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Large Quantity 8 Inch Lambo Performance Hoverbaord in Stock in Canada and USA

8 inch Lambo Performance Hoverboard?M-S8T is a Self Balancing Electric Scooter with 8 inches wheels. It's powered by an original Samsung lithium battery, uses a high quality mother board, self balancing chassis, and comes with a built-in bluetooth speaker. It's a great choice for 9-12 years olds to ride, and the LED lights & bluetooth speaker make it an exceptionally fun ride.

Safety gear for beginners is recommended.

.Original Samsung Battery.

.8 Inches Slim Wheel.

.Engine safety System.

.20Km range with full charge.

.Max speed of 12kmph.

.1.5 Hours to fully recharge.

.5W Bluetooth Speaker.

Packing: 1 * M-S8T, 1 * Battery Charger, 1 * User Manual.

Chrome Gold Hoverboard

Hoverboard manufacturer-Smart Hoverboards

?Bluetooth Chrome Lambo Performance Hoverboard Unboxing

Watch the 8 inch M-S8 T?electric self balancing scooter in action:

?8 Inch Lambo Performance Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

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